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The time is coming when we turn to our loved ones and show them how much they mean to us and also how special they are as a part in our lives. I have read a lot of people have no one to share valentines day with and I guess this feature is for you please embrace these images and feel the love!! :rose:

:thumb111568705:Love Potion by KaiPrincess
:thumb112382797:Words of Love by chloh
With This Ring... by Elvandiameet Nicky by Coszette
My Little Secret by xaliazreal love? by vanilla-tapes
love is in the air. by shinymavisi belong to you by tasharose
Pure Love by CozyComfyCouchLove scrabble by jimmyogotico
Love Letters by Laurence-CELove by pryestrela
A Rose For You, A Rose For Me by so-far-unbrokenRose 1 by Milanogreg

Daddy's Love by Wizardinc:thumb112203349:
i love you by runawaykid0193:thumb112212671:
Affection by NeverLookBackkLove makes me crazy by Everybodyischanging
LOVE by Frenzyylove by chocolettecake
when you love by HMsaLove by rambotheif
:thumb111973920:Night Kiss by MacLoudDS love by opriscoapple love by TearOfSun

:thumb112057925:Music was my First Love v1 by pusina
Chocolate Love by DanielaLucasChocolate Is Love by hardlycomplex
:thumb112153891:Button Up My Heart... by otaru23
Through a Lover's Eyes by urmyfavrtThe Kiss of the Lonely Couple by BlackLillyFlower
S O U L M A T E by sendokHappy by sean-tron
Love by JacksFluzeyFrozen In Time by oO-Rein-Oo

Mature Content

Kiss u.Tomorrow I'll miss u. by Bunnis
Colour kiss. by RomanceOnTheTarmac
Love by Dee-Tay:thumb111704333:

LoveYou are the one that fills all my thoughts
And the one that brings smiles to my face with all the kind things you do.
When you say I'm special
I really try to feel like I truly am though I've never thought I was.
Each time you say that you love me
I sense it even more than the last time.
Though I tried to prove that you were wrong before
You never had any doubts in your words.
We don't know each other for a whole month still,
But yet again it seems as we have never been apart - you were my dream all along.
Though countless miles divide the two of us
I've never felt closer to anyone else than you.
You do the sweetest things for me
While my pure existence seems to be more than enough to make you happy.
You brought me even closer to God and helped me believe in myself again.
For when you tell me to work hard, I feel like I can do much more than before.
You call me your angel though I've never felt worthy of having wings.
Too many coincidences follow our yet short history
Which makes me kn
I Love YouThere must be some easier way to say these words,
but no matter what I try and say, the wrong thing might be heard.
I wish I could be there for you when you need me,
but it will probably not happen today, unfortunately.
I've been thinking over the same words for a while,
but I'm able to say them without you there but always with a smile.
There's always the vulnerability I've always had,
and it really makes me feel kind of sad.
Why can't you be here right now?
I need you, but the question is how.
I really miss your smile,
for it has been such a while.
Every now and again, I feel myself crying at night.
Maybe because I'm falling without a fight.
I want to be with you,
but it's hard because you might not get the clue.
Every night, I close my eyes and it's you I see in my dreams,
I feel like I'm not splitting at my own seams.
But one thing is for sure,
you're always in my heart and I don't want anything more.
Don't get me wrong,
I realize this sounds more like a song.
But everything I've s

Hey Youhey
hey you
do you remember this piece of paper?
it's from the day we first met
i wrote your number down on it
in case i needed help with homework.
hey you
do you remember this old Christmas t-shirt?
i wore it on the day you first put your hand in mine
it was then and there i knew
it had to be love.
hey you
do you remember this soft pink scarf?
i wore it on our very first date
and you said i was the most beautiful
girl you'd ever met.
hey you
do you remember this paper cup?
i was holding it when you gave me my very first kiss
i can still taste the coffee on our lips
there were many more to come.
hey you
do you remember this soft, warm bed?
it's the bed where we first made love
it's the very same bed i sleep in at night
and dream of only you now.
hey you
do you remember this grainy sand?
it's the sand we used to lay in on the warm summer days
and get ourselves a tan
and spend all day at the beach.
hey you
do you remember this beautiful bracelet?
you gave it to me

WaitingYou could be the love of my life
but I don't want to tell you
so I'll wait until you figure it out.
So what are we?Are we friends?
I’m now past feeling.
Not even pain truly feels.
I’m going to be tough
Work strong to prove my existence
Show you all out wrong
Though deep inside
Past my rocky shell
I still hurt, I still bleed
You never come over and talk to me.
I call you, you don’t call me first
I give you presents, and you don’t return the favor.
I bring you food when you’re sick with strep
I brought you a present for your birthday
I’ve never seen you use it
Or appreciate me.
I’m confused, and you’re not here
So let me deal with this my own way
Stay away from me.
Though how I long for the deep insecurity to be fixed
For you to wear your caring face
See my sorrow though myself
And ask if I’m okay
And I’m not ok.
I don’t know if I’m okay.
I want to run and cry in your arms
Have you stroke my hair,
And say its all going to be okay.
Then I would be.
I would continue being passionate.
But I barely see you,
You’re off at work

I Love
I love how
you fit between my shoulders and thighs
and your mouth tastes like treason
when your dress hits the floor
and my hands run down
under the heat of your covers.
I love how
your skin unhitches under my touch
and you call me impudent
when your tongue catches mine
and my thumbs press
over the sharp thrust of your hips.
I love how
you christen the night with eloquence
and then slide down my skin
when I can't find the words
and my body aches
in the sweet pause of your free fall.  

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